Who is protecting your network during the Pandemic?

The security designed for your business is not what was planned for operating in the pandemic.

IT Security Solutions has developed our proprietary solution for protecting organizations.  Our continuous monitoring and assessment services are the basis for our Managed Detection, Defense and Destruction (MD3) of Intruders.

Benefits we offer:

  • Continuous monitoring and defense of your networks
  • 20+ Years of cyber security experience
  • Cyber protection more cost effective than Insurance, and spending 6 to 18 months (or more) to recover.
WFH - Typical VPN-No Protection

Who is watching your network?

IT Security Solutions delivers our proprietary Managed Security Service, providing continuous monitoring and visibility of your network in Real-Time.  Let us demo the difference in your network.

I want your help

Continuous visibility & protection.

If you are not monitoring the network, the malicious activities will continue and a breach may have already occurred.

WFH - ITS Safe @ Home Edition-protected
Hackers during COVID-19

Are you next?

Attackers use their inside access to sell your business secrets to others, multiple times.  Your current tools are unable to see the attackers, due to the advanced techniques.  We employ these techniques to protect your business.

Pandemic vs Hackers

When was your last Security Assessment?

Cyber criminals are having a field day during the Pandemic.  The security teams that normally protect company assets is unable to protect the employees outside of the network.

IT Security Solutions offers several security assessments, and solutions to keep your business safe and secure.

Cyber Attack Surface

Known vs. Unknown

Attackers make use of multiple paths to gain access to your private data.  The attackers gain access inside, and then take their time in extracting your information.  Don't wait to have your business fined or shutdown by fraudulent use.  ITS SafeTM Protects your Business, Network and Clients.

Selling internal access to business networks.

Internal access to your corporate network is invisble.

It's not about your passwords any more, cyber criminals are selling direct access to networks so that they can be instantly inside your network.  Your existing tools do not detect, defend or destroy intruders.  Only ITS SafeTM Detects, Defends and Destroys IntrudersTM.

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